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Article2012Activated palygorskite and activated bentonite clay as the catalysts of the process of cooligomers obtaining from ethylene productions by-productsVoronchak, Taras; Nykulyshyn, Irena; Pikh, Zorian; Rypka, Anna
Technical Report2009Catalytic complexes in the petroleum resins synthesis processes. Using. PropertiesNykulyshyn, Irena
Article2013Catalytic Cooligomerization of Terpenic and Aromatic HydrocarbonsGnativ, Zoriana; Rypka, Anna; Voronchak, Taras; Nykulyshyn, Irena
Other2012Empirical mathematical model of process of heterogeneous catalytic oligomerization of С9 fraction of diesel fuel pyrolysis liquid productsVoronchak, Taras; Nykulyshyn, Irena; Pikh, Zorian
Conference Abstract2016Heavy pyrolysis tar as a raw material fordark hydrocarbon resinsHnativ, Zoriana; Nykulyshyn, Irena; Kozlov, Serhii; Khalaniia, Oksana
Other2012Heterogeneous catalysts of polymerization processesNykulyshyn, Irena
Conference Abstract14-May-2018Innovative perspectives of using heavy pyrolysis resinNykulyshyn, Irena; Chaikivskyj, Taras; Gnativ, Zoriana; Chlibyshyn, Yurij
Article2013Multiple Use of Silica-Alumina Catalyst in Hydrocarbon Resins ProductionVoronchak, Taras; Nykulyshyn, Irena; Rypka, Anna; Gnativ, Zoriana
Article2014Study of aromatic and terpenic hydrocarbons catalytic cooligomerization regularitiesGnativ, Zoriana; Nykulyshyn, Irena; Rypka, Anna; Voronchak, Taras; Pikh, Zorian
Article2012Synthesis and properties of epoxydized cooligomers obtained from petroleum resins synthesized by heterogeneous catalytic oligomerizationVoronchak, Taras; Nykulyshyn, Irena; Pikh, Zorian; Rypka, Anna