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Technical Report2009Analysis of dusts from vehicle exhaust with the usage of the electron microscopySielicki, Przemysław; Janik, Helena
Article2016Ascorbic acid in polyurethane systems for tissue engineeringKucinska-Lipka, Justyna; Janik, Helena; Gubanska, Iga
Other2012Atomic force microscopy (AFM) studies of elastomer modified asphaltsChojnacka, Marta; Tobiszewski, Mateusz; Janik, Helena; Sienkiewicz, Maciej; Kucińska-Lipka, Justyna; Balas, Adolf
Article2011Biodegradable polymers for food packaging – factors influencing their degradation and certification types – a comprehensive reviewGuzman, Agnieszka; Gnutek, Natalia; Janik, Helena
Article20-Jan-2017Carboxy derivative of dioxydiphenylpropane diglycidyl ether monomethacrylate as an additive for compositesBratychak, Michael; Iatsyshyn, Oksana; Shyshchak, Olena; Atsakhova, Olena; Janik, Helena
Technical Report2009Composites of glass mate and styrene cross-linked diethylene glycol based poly(ester-etherurethane)sKucińska-Lipka, Justyna; Janik, Helena
Other2012Degradation of different commercial polymer packaging bags in various environmentsBożek, Katarzyna; Guzman, Agnieszka; Janik, Helena
Technical Report2009Electron microscopic studies of poly-urethane-rubber recyclates compositesSienkiewicz, Maciej; Kucinska-Lipka, Justyna; Janik, Helena; Balas, Adolf
Technical Report2009Influence of polymer packaging degradation products on the growth of cyan bacteria toxic population of Baltic SeaJanik, Helena; Mycio, Paulina; Guzman, Agnieszka; Kosakowska, Alicja
Article2009Poly(alkylimide) and poly(vinyl alcohol) medical hydrogels – testing with U937 cell lineGibas, Iwona; Janik, Helena; Strаnkowsk, Michal; Panzarini, Elisa; Dini, Luciana
Conference Abstract14-May-2018Polymer modified bitumenJanik, Helena; Sienkiewicz, Maciej; Borzędowska, Kaja
Article2010Review: synthetic polymer hydrogels for biomedical applicationsGibas, Iwona; Janik, Helena
Technical Report2009Synthesis and properties of polyurethanes based on aliphatic diisocyanates for medical coatingsGibas, Iwona; Janik, Helena