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Article19-Feb-2017125-th anniversary of electrical engineering education and science in Lviv Polytechnic (1891–2016)Стахів, Петро; Рендзіняк, Сергій; Гоголюк, Оксана; Stakhiv, Petro; Rendzinyak, Serhiy; Hoholyuk, Oksana
Article2011Construction of macromodels of nonlinear dynamical systems using optimizationStakhiv, Petro; Kozak, Yuriy; Hoholyuk, Oksana
Article2016Effectiveness evaluation of discrete macromodelling to forecast power consumption of electric power system component elementsStakhiv, Petro; Kozak, Yuriy; Hoholyuk, Oksana
Article2011Evaluation of discrete modeling efficiency of asynchronous electric machinesByczkowska-Lipińska, Liliana; Stakhiv, Petro; Hoholyuk, Oksana; Vasylchyshyn, Ivanna
Article19-Feb-2017Macromodelling as an aproach to short-term load forecasting of electric power system objectsГоголюк, Оксана; Козак, Юрій; Наконечний, Тарас; Стахів, Петро; Hoholyuk, Oksana; Kozak, Yuriy; Nakonechnyy, Taras; Stakhiv, Petro
Article20-Mar-2019Mathematical model of electrical activity of the biological network areasГорячко, Всеволод; Гоголюк, Оксана; Рижий, Тарас; Рендзіняк, Сергій; Horyachko, Vsevolod; Hoholyuk, Oksana; Ryzyi, Taras; Rendzinyak, Serhiy
Article2010Methods of macromodelling and diakoptic for creation of mathematical models of electric power systems and their elementsStakhiv, Petro; Hoholyuk, Oksana
Article20-Mar-2019Modern state of electric engineering education and science at Lviv Polytechnic National UniversityГоголюк, Оксана; Рендзіняк, Сергій; Стахів, Петро; Горячко, Всеволод; Рижий, Тарас; Балацька, Любов; Hoholyuk, Oksana; Rendzinyak, Serhiy; Stakhiv, Petro; Horyachko, Vsevolod; Ryzyi, Taras; Balatska, Liubov