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Conference Abstract2016Hybrid organic-inorganic composites with different hydrophobic/hydrophylic component ratioDemydova, Khrystyna; Demchyna, Oksana; Yevchuk, Iryna; Koval, Zenoviya
Article2014Kinetic regularities of the early stages of sol-gel process in tetraethoxysilane-based systemsYevchuk, Iryna; Demchyna, Oksana; Kopylets, Volodymyr; Koval, Zenoviya; Romaniuk, Hanna
Article28-Feb-2019Proton Conductive Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposite Membranes Derived by Sol-Gel MethodZhyhailo, Mariia; Demchyna, Oksana; Rymsha, Khrystyna; Yevchuk, Iryna; Rachiy, Bogdan
Conference Abstract23-Dec-2017Rheological investigation of sol-gel systems based on 3-methacryl-oxypropyl trimethoxysilaneZhyhailo, Mariia; Demchyna, Oksana; Demydova, Khrystyna; Yevchuk, Iryna
Article2013Synthesis and characterization of organic-inorganic membranes containing sulphogroupsYevchuk, Iryna; Demchyna, Oksana; Kochubey, Viktoriya; Romaniuk, Hanna; Koval, Zenoviya
Other2012Synthesis and characterization of proton- conductive polymer and polymer-inorganic membranesDemchyna, Oksana; Yevchuk, Iryna; Kochubey, Viktoriya; Romaniuk, Hanna; Koval, Zenoviya
Conference Abstract14-May-2018The development of proton conductive hybrid organic-inorganic membranesZhyhailo, Mariia; Demchyna, Oksana; Rymsha, Khrystyna; Yevchuk, Iryna
Article20-Jan-2018The influence of the hydrophobic component content on the properties of hybrid polymer-inorganic membranesDemydova, Khrystyna; Horechyy, Andriy; Yevchuk, Iryna; Demchyna, Oksana